Conversations with a Junior Playa

Me: Come on sweetie, we have to put your shoes on to go to the library.
Boy: Is Myria going to be there?
Me: Yes, I just talked to her mommy and they are on their way.
Boy: Good. I love My My. She’s my best girlfriend. I love her best of all.
Me: Your *best* girlfriend?
Boy: Yes. Also, I have Veronica, in case MyMy decides she doesn’t love me.
Me: Oh, really?
Boy: Yes.
Me: What if Veronica doesn’t want to be your girlfriend?
Boy: Oh, she does. And if she changes her mind, there’s always Itzamara. She’s old, but she has her own bike.
Me: That’s important, is it?
Boy: Yeah. Cause, she can go get me candy from the store.

Me: Falls over laughing…

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