Monthly Archives: February 2006

embigging your spam filters…

So…this took longer than expected…Simpsonisms have made it to spam. Today, I got a spam message that wanted to “Embiggen my tiny penis”. Well…it is a perfectly cromulent word, after all. You know the spam that makes no damn sense to me? The ones where they promise to increase ejaculate. I mean…has there been a […]

brokeback mountain – olympic style

The skaters are apparently Alexei Yagudin, Todd Sand, Kurt Browning, David Pelletier, John Zimmerman, and Gorsha Sur. The slash fantasies…those are all you baby. All you. (Although, I’ve never had a burning desire to be a white hat before today….yum!)

Seed catalog

With spring soon to arrive, thoughts of gardening rear their green heads. Here’s a few links to fertilize those thoughts. Nature’s Control. Good Bugs for Hire Seed Savers Exchange is a non-profit company that preserves and sells an amazing variety of heirloom seeds. See also: Mother’s Sustainable Seeds Honor Roll and Amishland Heirloom Seeds. The […]

A short animated film

Clik. Clak. When sounds are language, and soliloquies are Rube Goldberg inventions.

Good vibes

I just wanted to put some good vibes out to the planet. I’m so lucky to have my family and my friends. Each and every one of you has touched me and changed me in some way, and that’s the coolest thing. The connections that bind us all can be so tenuous and so hard […]