embigging your spam filters…

So…this took longer than expected…Simpsonisms have made it to spam. Today, I got a spam message that wanted to “Embiggen my tiny penis”. Well…it is a perfectly cromulent word, after all.

You know the spam that makes no damn sense to me? The ones where they promise to increase ejaculate. I mean…has there been a big problem with that? Are there loads (no pun intended) of women out there, angsting over the volume of their men’s output? “Oh…that Bob…he’s the greatest, if only he could come like a man…” I’m not seeing it. I know some women of voracious appetite, as it were, myself included, and while the conversations have drifted to cover length, girth, staying power and visiting scholars…not once has any friend of mine wished that the entire program included more joy juice. I’m just saying…I’m not sure I understand the target market.

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