Monthly Archives: March 2006

Raised Beds, Gardens and all things springlike

So, I’m going to put in some raised beds in the back yard so the boy and I can grow veggies. Yes, know I’m starting late. I’ll start from plants instead of seeds this year, even though I really prefer using heritage seeds. Anyway…I was looking at system, and reading about all the scary chemicals […]

At this moment

I am pleased with the universe. No particular reason, I just am. I’m happy about my life, my family, my weird animals, my friends. Life is good, and you all helped. I love you guys! I love Spring. Wheee! Sunlight and flowers and green. Whoo hoo! Persephone is free, and Demeter smiles on the world […]

Happy Equinox

Sorry I’ve been MIA, life has taken a turn for the busy. Remind me sometime to post pictures of the flood from this weekend. The lake got within 2 feet of our house on all 4 sides. Spooky! Yet by this morning, the waters had receded, and all we had left was the detritus line […]

Legal slavery – the question of abortion in South Dakota

On February 24, in a direct attack on Roe v. Wade, the South Dakota House followed the Senate in approving a ban on all abortions except where a woman’s life is at stake. Today, Republican Governor Mike Rounds signed the bill, which is almost identical to the Texas law that Roe overturned in 1973. According […]

Remember that dream where we thought all people would be equal?

…his boyfriend Josh. –beautiful story, made all the more poignant at a time of more and more state constitutional amendments ensuring second-class citizenship, and a Democratic party urging us to just shut up already, but still give. via MetaFilter Once more, the Dems show us that they don’t give a rat’s ass about progressive politics…it’s […]