Raised Beds, Gardens and all things springlike

So, I’m going to put in some raised beds in the back yard so the boy and I can grow veggies. Yes, know I’m starting late. I’ll start from plants instead of seeds this year, even though I really prefer using heritage seeds. Anyway…I was looking at system, and reading about all the scary chemicals that leach from wood, and sort of sidetracked into these recycled plastic and faux rock things.

I think I really like the rock system. (Plus, I could do some circle ones for my heritage lilies and it would look really cool.) I love the greenhouse thing, but it wouldn’t survive the constant windtunnel that is my back yard. Other than the super cheapo looking ones, I kinda like everything on the page. Has anyone had any experience with these or similar systems up close and personal? What I’m going to grow is still up in the air, but I think I’d like to do some greens (cabbage, lettuce, etc.), some carrots (if they grow in this climate…I haven’t looked it up), maybe some tomatoes, some summer squashes, and anything else anyone wants to recommend for a yard that gets a crazy amount of sunlight, heat and general Tex-iness. I can grow flowers and herbs without trying, but I don’t know nothing ’bout growing no vegetables.

Oh…and Paul, if you’re out there, I want to do a compost pile, but it can’t be free range, it has to be containered. Suggestions?

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