Monthly Archives: April 2006

Mr. Truthiness vs. The Prez

Stephen Colbert was invited to headline the White House Correspondents Dinner. Bush was not amused. Colbert channeled Andy Kaufman channeling Jonathan Swift. Uncomfortable, brilliant, satrical performance art. Video (avi) Torrent 1 Torrent 2 Interesting to note that none of the major newswires (AP, BBC, etc.) are mentioning Colbert, and the CSPAN repeat feed of the […]

When animals imitate life

sent a story this morning about a crocodile who was less than pleased about early morning noise. And I have to declare, that after threatening to dismember one of my neighbors for running a weedeater at 6 a.m., I’m totally with the croc on this one.

So, all I need is 3 million dollars…

Man, I want this so much. Want it. Desire it. Crave it. Must have it. Who wants to chip in to start an organic commune in Penn with me? Hmmm? How hard could it be to raise 3 mill?

Random sillyness on the web

Find cheap gas near you. Florida decides to change state motto. Surprisingly, Land of Eternal Morons wasn’t chosen. Do you have hipsters? ORly? YaRly! NoWhai! Srsly! Those who would give up Essential Pornography to purchase a little Temporary Teletubby, deserve neither Pornography nor Teletubby.

Fake Family Planning Clinics used to harass and publicly humiliate sexually active teens

When a 17-year-old Indiana girl walked into what she thought was a Planned Parenthood clinic, her mother and boyfriend beside her, she never imagined that it was a trap — a deceitful setup by anti-choice zealots. The Story: An Indiana mother recently accompanied her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend to one of Indiana’s Planned Parenthood […]