Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh MY!

We’re going to the circus tomorrow (Thursday). It’s the Carson & Barnes Big Top. In a tent. So fabulous. With the elephants and the horses being ridden by dogs, and clowns and acrobats and all kinds of stuff The Boy should just love. I’m going to let him have junk food, and soda, and cotton candy and tshirts and toys, and did I mention cotton candy? It’s quite possible that I’m more excited about going to the circus than he is. Hee. I love the circus. I hope The Boy does as well. :)

Anyway, anyone in the DFW area, the circus is in Garland, at 190 and North Garland Ave. We’re shooting for the 1pm matinee, so if anyone wants to join us, lemme know, send an email, phone, use smoke signals or semaphore…and we’ll gather en masse before hand.

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