Carson and Barnes Circus Review

So…it was a teeny little circus. It was like being dropped into the 19th century, it was! Almost the entire circus is Hispanic. The workers, the vendors, the acts, and it was fascinating to see the differences in costuming choices, and the clown makeup. The clowns didn’t use whiteface…which I found a terrific relief, as I’m kinda spooked by white-face clowns. ;) The ring master was a young man, I’d guess very early 20’s…with the most booming ringmaster style voice you’ve ever heard, and I think the only Anglo in the cast and crew.

We got there very early, because I wanted to get box seats, so the boy could see, and because I knew he’d be standing up a lot, the box front gives me an additional fence to keep him out of the three rings. Hee. So, of course, while we waited, we had to play with all the carnival type stuff…the bouncy house shaped like a giraffe was a huge hit. Then he got to ride a pony…he squealed and giggled and said “again! again!” as soon as it was over. Then he thanked the pony for giving him a ride, and the worker for leading him around. (That’s my boy!) I was so proud. Then we had to have snacks…that child can eat his own weight in circus food, I tell you what. Then…The Elephant! We both rode the elephant, and that was great fun for all involved. We got to pet her and give her snacks after our ride. Then there was the petting zoo with camels and llamas, and zebras and goats and baby goats and a baby hippopotamus (?). I dunno what the hippo was doing there, frankly.

Then the circus music started and we went into the big top and had a clown lead us to our seats…which The Boy just loved. He told the clown his name, and how old he was and when the clown gave his name, the Boy spent a fair amount of time trying to wrap his tongue around Pappalitto (sp?), but every time, for the rest of the show, when he saw that clown, he would yell his name and clap. ;)

The acts were great! There were high wire acts, and acrobats, and dancers and wheels of death, and clowns and animal acts. Dogs on ponies…it was fabulous. The Boy won a prize in his peanuts and got to go to the center ring to get a giant balloon from his favorite clown. I wish I’d had a camera. We had a blast.

I was exhausted afterwords…did I mention that I had to trot beside the horses when he was riding them, in case he fell off…and the ride moves at a brisk canter…but the Boy was wired up. (Well, no doubt, he’d consumed the sugar output of Brazil for goodness sake.) So, when we got home we had to play circus, and now we have to make clowns out of yogurt bottles…because, well…the Boy knows mommy has crafting materials. Hee.

So, small circus…big hit!

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