On the importance of label reading…

So, the boy wanted to make easter cookes. And decorate them. Ok, as plans for the morning go, that works for me. So, we spend a while determining what sort of cookies we want to make. Chocolate chip…my fave, are out because we need cookies that roll easily, and mine do not. Because really, there’s only enough dough to hold the chips and nuts together. And the dough is primarily butter and sugar with flour thrown in as an afterthought. (Dey’s some damn fine cookies, though…I tell you what.)

So, we decided on sugar cookies. He loves to help make cookies, and other than the slamming the head of my Kitchenaide down too fast, the mixing, rolling and baking of said cookies went according to plan.

Then came the decorating part. Now, see…a rational human would have those tubes and whatnot of frosting. Me? Oh no…I have to be all Martha Stewart about the place, and make glazes with confection sugar and Wilton frosting dye. (Well, I had the frosting dye in the pantry.) See…when you use frosting dye, you’re generally making a pretty large amount of icing. Thus, it color is fairly diffused. That’s not really true when making a tablespoon of glaze for each color. The cookies turned out nicely, but we now have a case of colored hands and red lips and blue tongues. When matched with the blue teeth…it’s very attractive. Hee.

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