Baby you can ride my bike…

The Boy and I went to the library for story time today, without realizing that apparently our city is run by the Vatican and everything was closed for Good Friday. (I kid about the Vatican. Please don’t send Opus Dei after me.)

So, we were wandering around looking at some local stores near Main Street and we found a locally owned bike store. The boy has been asking for a real two-wheeler bike since his birthday last December, and now the weather is perfect, so we went in to see what they had in his size. Now, a little background; Once upon a time, I wandered into a car dealership, and they had the most perfect red car in the world up on a pedestal, and my exact words were “I don’t care how much it costs, I want that car.” So, we walk into the bike store, and hanging from the ceiling was a fabulous little red bike that was his size and he said “Look Mommy! It’s my bike!” And I said, “what makes you think that is your bike?” and he said “Because it’s red, and it’s perfect, and I want it. Please, Mommy, can we put it in the car and take it home?”

He’s so my kid. ;)

I also got a bike, and he and I have spent much time this morning riding around while I “try” to catch him as we race. ;) The buying experience was really fantastic. More expensive than if I’d gone to a big box store *shudder*, but the owner really helped me get the perfect bike, tuned it up, dialed in in exactly for me…plus he was a lot of fun. So, if you ever find yourself in Rowlett and need a bike, I have a really good hookup. ;)

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