Home Despot, Mother’s Day and all things buzzy

So, I got an email today from Home Despot, and the subject line read: Perfect gifts for Mother’s Day. And I thought to myself…Self, there are indeed some power tools I could use…and there’s that stunning tile I’ve been meaning to lay in the bathroom, ooooh, and a diamond blade for my table saw that could come in handy, oooh a pipe cutter…and with these thoughts of home renovation swimming in my head, I opened the email.

Do you want to know what they had listed as “perfect” mother’s day presents? Pink tools. Pink. Fucking. Tools. Jebus onna stick. Not even passably good tools either. Some crap tools that nobody who has ever stripped a transmission would ever use. Pink tools. *eye roll* Oh…and Pink Kitchen Aide…because, yeah, that’ll go with everyone’s kitchen decor, no? Other highlights: Oven mitts. Because nothing says Mother’s Day like “Bitch, get me a chicken pot pie!”.

Grrr. Just because I have breasts does not mean that I can’t hang sheet rock, or tile a floor, or cut pipe and fix plumbing, or float a floor, or level a window. And I’m sure as fuck not going to do any of that with pink damn tools.

Industrialized sexism, ya know it chaps me.

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