The cruel channel-locks of karma

Hee…apparently my rant against pink tools angered the tool gods, as everything in the house has suddenly decided to break at once. And my tools? Nowhere to be found. As the Boy would say “I know where they are! I HID them, now you have to find them!” So. Yay. ;)

Seriously, Tuesday, the upstairs potty broke, and I was halfway through tearing it apart to fix it when I realized I didn’t have the right size channel locks. Now, anyone who has done as much home repair as I, should know to lay out the tools before you start…but I misjudged which size I needed. Thankfully, one of the neighbors had a set the right size, and 12 hours after the project was begun, it was finished. Problem one: Solved.

Wednesday: The sprinkler systems exploded. Ok, bit of fanciful language there. They didn’t so much explode as slowly meander into a river-like state, returning my yard to a prehistoric swamp. I don’t know nothing ’bout fixing no sprinklers, Miss Scarlett…professionals were called. Water turned off to the yard while we waited. The groovy thing about living in a fairly small town, and sounding like a local instead of a transplant…guys were here within a couple of hours, dug up the yard, replaced god knows what, and we think it’s fixed. And…I sold them soap. (Well, really, if you can’t sell dirty men on the concept of soap, you’re not trying very hard. Hee.) Problem two: Solved, in potentia…still untested, but theoretically solved.

Wednesday afternoon: The fridge started leaking. Now, because I’m a idiot, I have wood floors in my kitchen. I noticed the leak because the floor under the fridge started to buckle. Never a good sign. Slide commercial baking tray under fridge. Test series of things I know how to fix. Quickly run out of ideas. Close fridge. Look up professionals. Of course they only time they can come is during nap time the following day. Fine. Just come fix the damn thing. :) On the upside, I was a total slacker yesterday and didn’t go grocery shopping, so I didn’t waste a week of goods that can spoil. Also on the upside, trash day is tomorrow, so cleaning out the fridge today is actually not such a bad thing. And to look upon the positive, my fridge could probably stand a good cleaning anyway. I don’t even know what some of the stuff in the back of the freezer is *supposed* to be…much less what it *actually* is. Problem Three: Still problematic, but help is theoretically on the way.

Thursday: Nothing has gone wrong so far, other than orders being placed earlier this week for product which I’ve sold out and won’t have ready for 3 weeks. Emails sent to customer listing possible substitutions and/or refunds and I haven’t heard back from them, and I hate not being able to ship orders as they come in, especially when it’s a production error on my part. (I didn’t anticipate that product being so popular.) But, in perspective to the rather amusing antics of the House Loki with the potty and the sprinkler and the fridge…I’m sure it’s a workable issue.

But man, what did I do to annoy the house gods? Or water sprites. Something. A string of rather damp coincidences, wouldn’t you agree?

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