Monthly Archives: June 2006

Hey! I know that dude!

is a celebrity! And I can say I knew him before he was a super star. Plus it’s damn cool that I know someone who makes his own silk from worms.

Major Tom

Wheeee! I was a total Peter Schilling fangirl. More 80’s videos. Mostly a directory of videos found on utube, but a fabulous list to scan through. Totally worth it, if only for the A Ha Take On Me video.

Friday Funnies

200 liters of Diet Coke + 500 Mentos = mint-powered version of the Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas, brought to you by the mad scientists at Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page after the video, and check out the other experiments. Hysterical. is a new site tackling the portrayal […]

King of Catfish, Orchids, and Feather Boas on Boys

So, here are pictures of the Jurassic catfish the child landed with his Snoopy rod and reel. Seriously, this rod only has an 8 pound test line…it’s not designed to bring in 15 pound catfish. (The fish was almost half the size of the boy…amazing.) We’ve also got dress up pics…what’s scary about those is […]

Austin and the things I’ve done there…

Back from Austin. Fun trip, old friends, good times. I think it may be the first party in 20+ years where I didn’t drink. Kinda weird, but it was nice waking up not having my mouth taste like Penn Station smells. So, on another board where I hang out, they were having a discussion about […]