The pain. The art. The fish. My son’s bathroom.

Note to self: When manic, and deciding to tackle painting a very large mural on a wall…try to get as much done as possible while in manic phase…because the next day, the first words you will utter are “Oh holy fuck, what was I thinking?”

Note two: Dark colors take many, many coats to get complete coverage.

Note three: A small bathroom will somehow expand to require 4 times as much paint as logic and math would require.

Speaking of murals, I just found out that they’re imploding the tunnel to Deep Ellum, taking with it all of the murals, including the one that I worked on with an ex. It’s a fabulous painting, and I really need to try and get some good pictures of it before it goes. If anyone else with a camera is down there and gets a picture of it, I’d be eternally grateful, as I haven’t been downtown in like 2 years now. :) Ours was the one with the art model dummy crucified on a syringe with the graveyard in the background. (We’d lost some friends to drugs, doncha know.) It’s a big ol piece, probably 12 foot by 12 or 16 feet. Because it’s in the tunnel, and because the painting itself is dark, I’ve never been able to capture it very well. I hope I can before it goes.

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