King of Catfish, Orchids, and Feather Boas on Boys

So, here are pictures of the Jurassic catfish the child landed with his Snoopy rod and reel. Seriously, this rod only has an 8 pound test line…it’s not designed to bring in 15 pound catfish. :) (The fish was almost half the size of the boy…amazing.) We’ve also got dress up pics…what’s scary about those is that I think I’ve worn that outfit…doc martens, morning coat, feather boa….yeah, add a corset and a miniskirt and I *know* I’ve gone out like that.

Also pics of the chocolate orchid, the lavender, lillies, and a purple flower for which I have no identifiable name. It’s real purty though, ain’t it? ;) And a picture of the Lunar Garden Confetti soap, for them what’s interested.

Speaking of soap…A big ol’ happy Bday to !

Edit to add: For the record – We did throw the catfish back…he’s fine.

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