Monthly Archives: September 2006

Saturday – Lea Benefit – Dallas Metro Grill

A few weeks ago a friend of mine Lea Hernandez (DivaLea) had her house burn down. Some of you comic collectors may recognize her name. The Texas comics community is a pretty tight bunch, for a group of hermits that hate people, and are coming out in force to do a “live comics art” benefit. […]

Pumpkin Soap and 20 things

So, I made the pumpkin soap today. It looks really, really cool. Only time will tell if it darkens up as it cures. I hope not. It’s the most delicate shade, with little flecks of spices in it. I made it with pumpkin, a pumpkin oil, eo: cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and then ground versions of […]

Ikea…oh my

So, I finally made it to an Ikea store. Oh dear lord. One more place I’m not allowed to go unsupervised…and with plastic. But, I went with the plan to redo the Boy’s room…and redo it, I did. He got one of these, and two of these, and one of these, and this, and some […]

This Congress brought to you by Monsanto

I’ve just had the greatest idea. You know how NASCAR drivers are all covered in labels of their sponsors? And when race drivers talk they say things like “The Bubba Burger Yugo was good all night long, I’d like to thank my sponsors; Eunice’s Unique Boutique and Beer Palace, Mel’s Moonshine – it probably won’t […]

Soap Today; Babble to follow

Today I am making Orange Brulee soap. It’s going to replace the creamsicle soap, I hope. I’m trying it with a theoretically non-darkening vanilla…so hopefully they’ll stay white, but with vanilla, there’s just no telling. It’s funny, as I look over my production list, how much my tastes change by season. When in the spring, […]