Boy and Science

Yesterday The Boy and I went to the Natural History Museum and the Science Place museum. A good time was had by all. By odd happenstance, as we were wandering around the Fair Park area, trying to find the entrance to the Dino museum, (they’ve removed the Chromosaurs, and so I was confused), we ran into one of the paleontologists. He and I chatted about the missing Chromosaurs for a moment, then he asked The Boy what his favorite dino was. The Boy thought for a moment and responded, “Well, the T-rex is cool, but I think I like Coelophisis best. (not sure I spelled that correctly) The scientist kinda looked a little started and said “Really? Why is that?” And the Boy went on to talk aobut hollow bones, and speed and ability to get away from bigger predators and whatnot, and the scientist’s eyes kept getting bigger and bigger. Finally he asked how old the Boy was and Boy said “I’m three. Someday I’ll be four and old enough to be a Space Ranger, but now, I’m three.)

Long and short of it, they’re working on a newly found Ceolophesis skelly, and the Boy and I got to go into the restricted lab part of the museum so Boy could hold a real dino tooth and see how they were making plaster molds of some other bones they had. It was very, very cool. Now of course, the boy wants to be a paleontologist, assuming it doesn’t interfere with his Space Ranger career. ;)

At the Science Place, the “Little Farm” was a huge hit, with driving the tractor and milking the cow coming in as his fave hits. He’s also fascinated by the giant Rube Goldberg machine there, and would like me to build one in the house, please. We missed a lot of that museum, because after 4 hours of walking on marble and concrete, without painkillers, I thought I was going to die. But it’s all good, he’s been bugging me all day today to go back to the musuem, so I have a feeling I should just buy a museum membership. (And better walking shoes.) :)

And now, it’s back to soap making; while everything cools, I’m off to deliver food and juice to sick friends in the next town over. Then I can come home and take a painkiller. (Yay!) Still no results from all the blood tests, being that Friday is a half day at my doctor’s office. My next step is going to be Eastern Medicine. I’ve had some great recommendations for healers working in those modalities, so I hold great hope that they can help.

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