Indoctrination: The Update

I talked with the administrator. She said it’s not school policy, and it’s new to The Boy because he’s been moved up a “grade” and so now he eats lunch at the same time as the big kids in the cafeteria, rather than in his homeroom. And it’s not his teacher that’s doing it. It’s one of the big kid’s teachers.

Apparently, 90% of the kids in the school go to some sort of Sunday (or Wednesday) school. So, they all recognize the meme of folded hands and bowed heads. They found, through trial and error, that if the teacher did that meme, the kids would all quiet down, take their seats and thus be prepared for lunch. The admin said that it was astounding how well it worked for bringing order to a room of 100 kids, but that if parents complained, they would stop the practice. Since I’ve always said that organized religion was primarily a methodology for enforcing behavioral activity…I think that’s kinda funny.

They aren’t moving to a religious curriculum, and that is the only “faith-based” activity, so I’ve decided to just let it ride. I don’t want him singled out because Mommy is a trouble making heathen infidel.

I’ll save that for the PTA. ;)

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