Time for bed, Ted and Fred

The boy and I wrote a rhyming children’s book…and it’s quite silly and actually enjoyable. Now, I need an illustrator…anyone bored and want to do a children’s book?

In other news, I’ve gotten about 100 pounds of oils in to start working on the xmas orders. I really want to get a new site together before xmas, but I may be too close to get it done. I’ve decided to drop a huge array of products and get back to doing the things I really want to be doing; soap and aromatherapy oils. I may go back to doing lotions and whatnot later, but for now, the packaging for those products is just taking up way too much room, and custom orders take so much time that it’s a money-loser at this point. I think I just tried to grow too fast, and ended up tripping myself up instead.

But, I’m ok with having tried something and it not work the way I wanted it to. I think I’m just going to simplify, regroup, and figure out a better course of action. Failing isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s what you do with the knowledge that makes the difference.

Now, as the headache hasn’t gone away, I’m going to dose myself up with healthy amounts of Darvon, and retreat to a darkened lair where I will growl at anyone who disturbs me with light, or noise, or any other semblance of humankind.

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