Soap Today; Babble to follow

Today I am making Orange Brulee soap. It’s going to replace the creamsicle soap, I hope. I’m trying it with a theoretically non-darkening vanilla…so hopefully they’ll stay white, but with vanilla, there’s just no telling.

It’s funny, as I look over my production list, how much my tastes change by season. When in the spring, I want to do lots of flowers and green smelling things, in the summer I’m all about lemons and limes and grapefruits, Neroli, green tea, melons, grass and dirt. In the fall, I want to do warm spicy things; gingerbread and pumpkin, sugar cookies and chocolates, spiced orange, and just about anything with cloves. In the winter, I like making dark, smoky type soaps; dark chocolates and patchouli and frankincense and minty fresh herbaceous things like peppermint basil and cinnamon mint.

Maybe I’ll do a seasonal section in the new site. I dunno, I’ve come up with about a dozen information maps on how to categorize the soaps, and I’m still not sure what the best way to do it is. I’m going to drop the “boutique” section, and just add the popular soaps to the regular line up. I’m still going to make some soaps in the dome molds, because sometimes I just want to, but instead of boutique, I’m just going to say that those are generally small batch production runs. I want my new shopping cart to have an inventory checker, such that when stock is low or out, someone knows that when placing an order. I hate nothing more than having to contact a buyer and tell them I’m out of a soap…but I’m such a small business that sometimes inventory sells out before the next batch is ready…or I get a surprise order and someone buys out the entire batch and it’s 3 weeks before another batch is ready…I hate telling people I don’t have what they want.

I’ve decided that once I can get rid of all the packaging stuff I have clogging up my soap studio, I’ll have 2 more 6’x5′ curing racks that I can use to store soap inventory, and then I’m going to double up my production of everything except the soaps that tend to lose scent quickly. (Orange EO…why do you taunt me so?)

It’s really strange, I feel totally energized. Considering the sheer volume of painkillers I’m taking lately, I’d think I’d be a zombie…but no. I’ve started exercising again; stretches for half an hour every day and 3 hours of yoga a week. Aerobics are still out because I can’t come down on my feet or ankles with any force at all, but I’m trying to figure out a place where I could set my pilates machine back up. I love that thing, but it’s hard to find a clear 8′ area anywhere in this house. (Clear area…Heee, oh, it is to laugh…)

Alrighty…it seems that the drugs do make me chatter like a trophy wife…so, I’m gonna go check on the temps of my oils before I take up any more room on people’s friends pages.

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