Ikea…oh my

So, I finally made it to an Ikea store. Oh dear lord. One more place I’m not allowed to go unsupervised…and with plastic. But, I went with the plan to redo the Boy’s room…and redo it, I did. He got one of these, and two of these, and one of these, and this, and some of these…and a bunch of other cool stuff that was placed in my path. :)

On the upside, if you’re going to go on a shopping spree, at least Ikea isn’t likely to bankrupt you. :) On the downside; “some assembly required” reaches a new state of surreal when you get everything home. But, we muddled through most of it, and now the Boy’s furniture is all assembled. (Anyone know anyone who needs a stunning cherry sleigh bed style crib to toddler bed?)

Now I have this burning desire to redo the living room…but I think that’s just because I’m tired of the stuff I’ve got. :)

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