Monthly Archives: October 2006

Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween! Especially now that the boy is old enough. We spent this week making pumpkins, both real and construction paper, making ghosts of tissue paper, trying to entice spiders to build more webs in the entryway. (Why use fake when you have perfectly good Orb spiders lying about? ) Today while he’s at […]

Politics and other spooky things

So, I got another call this morning from the Heritage Foundation. Again. You know, you’d think a think tank with that sort of money would be able to keep the pinko commies like myself off their racially pure Republican calling lists, wouldn’t you? Anyway, I always have fun with them when they call…by just being […]


Men With Cramps. Watch the groundbreaking documentary and discover how Cyclical Non-Uterine Dysmenorrhea calls into question not only the shaping of world history, but the spelling of the word history. [via Metafilter]

Farging PayPal!

Jebus onna stick, I have a ton of orders to ship, and PayPal is for some reason not talking to the post office, so they’ve charged me for all the shipping labels, but won’t in fact, let me print said labels. When calling support, I got shipped off to someone in India that had such […]

In other news

I’m having a really hard time getting out to domains today. I dunno if I’ve got a router problem, or if there’s some massive ddos hitting the core dns servers. Probably my router. Ah well, on to other things… Every once in a while, I do something so stupid, it beggars the imagination. It doesn’t […]