Just back from the Lea Benefit event. It was genius. I ran into so many friends I’d lost touch with, it was fantastic. Also, I got an original James O’Barr. I watched him draw it even.(I’ll take pics and post them later. Middle of night not really a good time for shooting chalks.) Huge…huge…huge bidding war. Close to 4 figures huge…but the person bidding against me didn’t actually have any money, so yay…it came home with me. Where it belongs. Of course, the damn thing is massive. I mean, really, really big. Probably 4 foot by 3 foot. Huge. I have no idea how I’m going to frame it, but I do know where I’m going to hang it…if I can ever figure out how to frame it. :) I mean, I have a miter saw…or rather, I have a table saw that can do miters…but damned if I know how that works. I reckon I’ll have to figure it out, cause I’m sure to have it professionally framed would be way more than I could justify to The Man.

There were so many people that turned out for this event. It was wonderful to see everyone come out for Lea. It really was. And, her daughter drew me a wicked cool squirrel. It’s adorable. It, I know how to frame. And it’s going in my office, right next to the Dave Sim…to balance out all that manly energy. ;)

To everyone I saw tonight, thank you so much for coming out for Lea’s party. It’s so great to see how tight the comics crowd still is, despite the corporate drive to kill everything that doesn’t cater to 10 year old boys.

I’m totally wired on caffeine. I’m gonna have to take a xanax to even think about bed. But it was so worth it. So very, very worth it. :)

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