Hot Times in the Duck Pond

So, a few nights ago, The Boy came crying into our room and begged to sleep with us. Which has never happened. We figured it was a bad dream or something and scootched over so he had room in the middle. Within hours he was just burning up. So, we rushed him off to medical facilities where they said “It’s a virus, nothing we can do, give him motrin and lots of water, he’ll be fine.” Ok…2 days of 103+ fever, and no sustained sleeping or eating patterns, and I was getting pretty darned worried. We kept cooling him down with baths and popsicles and essential oils, but still…you worry when you think temps are high enough to cook eggs. Last night, as I was checking on him every couple of hours, I realized that his fever had finally broken. There was great rejoicing, and I went to bed. (Cause I was tired.)

This morning the nice medical people called and said “Huh, it *is* strep throat. We’ll call some antibiotics in for him.”

Sigh. Well, that explains why I have a fever and a scratchy throat…

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