Soup Today (Heh)

Didn’t get the second batch of soap made, decided instead to make chicken and dumplings from scratch. It’s the first really cool day, and who doesn’t love homemade chicken soup with biscuits in?

Speaking of cool…it’s like 64 degrees here. Hardly the dawning of a new ice age. Yet, my cats have stationed themselves directly in front of the fireplace, and have set up a pitiful mewling when I walk past, as though to say “Help us, we are but poor, lost, starving kittens, who only seek shelter from the blizzard.” Which ya know, might be a little more believable if they were not ancient, plumpy cats, laying on their own catnip covered divan.

Honestly. You’d think they were spoiled or something. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go start a fire for my poor shivery kitties. Hee.

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