Proof of concept

I like the little glass balls that look like bubbles, but I don’t think
the glass ice is working for me.  Light was wrong, and shadows from blinds
are sort of visible.  Conceptually, I like the idea, but I’m not at all sure
about the implementation. I do love the new look of the wrapped bars though.

I’ve been trying to avoid setting up my light box.  One, because it’s much,
much bigger than I thought it was, and two…I have no idea how to get it
back down to  the size it was when I got it.  I’ve barely got it contained,
stuffed between a wall and an iron rack, I fear that once I get it out, it
will vengefully spring forth and never be flat again.  It should have come
with instructions, or something that tells you how to make it fit in the
carrying bag. 

Ooooh, speaking of soap porn, here’s the Pumpkin soap and the Orange Brulee

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