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I’m having a really hard time getting out to domains today. I dunno if I’ve got a router problem, or if there’s some massive ddos hitting the core dns servers. Probably my router. Ah well, on to other things…

Every once in a while, I do something so stupid, it beggars the imagination. It doesn’t happen often, but I’ll admit, I know before I do it, it’s a bad idea. Thinking about doing it is a bad idea, and it always leads to me doing it. It’s a weakness. I am ashamed. Yes, I’m talking about buying hair color, and tinting one’s own hair.

See, I have a problem finding people to do my hair. I have difficult hair. There’s a lot of it, and it’s very curly if it’s not fairly long. When I say very curly, I mean I could do a good Carrot Top impression with the wrong haircut. A veritable flock of hair, is my point. And I found a colourist who is also a god at cutting hair, except that 1.) he works at a studio 300 miles away, 2.) it’s a couple hundred dollars to walk in the door, 3.) while his cuts are absolute genius, it requires 45 minutes every day to make it look like he’s cut it to look…and I didn’t even own a blow drier, which suggests the likelihood of my actually spending almost an hour on my hair is slim to nothing.

So, it’s been about four months since I had my hair done, which meant I had 4 inch roots…a thing which I could no longer abide. And thus, I colored my own hair. It turned out a little dark, but I think the color is mostly even. It’s not right, but it’ll do until I can either schedule a trip down to Austin, or find a nice flamboyant gay man in Dallas. Yes, I know it’s a stereotype, but every flaming gay man I’ve ever had do my hair has been a genius, and every straight person I’ve let near my hair has given me bangs. I want swish with my snip…and if that’s wrong, I don’t want to be right. For the record, a lot of my friends are gay, and almost none of them are swishy, so it’s not that I think gay=swishy, it’s that I think swishy=hair genius. I’m fully aware that it’s probably an act, but to me…it shows a certain level of dedication to giving suburban moms that TV experience.

That said, if you know any swishy genius hair stylists in the Dallas area, I would be your best friend if you tell me about them. ;)

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