Farging PayPal!

Jebus onna stick, I have a ton of orders to ship, and PayPal is for some reason not talking to the post office, so they’ve charged me for all the shipping labels, but won’t in fact, let me print said labels. When calling support, I got shipped off to someone in India that had such a thick accent I could barely understand them…and I’ve spent years and years working with Indians, so I’m used to the accent. Their solution? Wait a few days. Yeah. Cause you know what customers love to hear? “Wait a few days.” So, I have to open a bunch of transaction disputes to get all the shipping fees I paid back, and I have to go to the post office site and enter all the labels manually. Brilliant.


Oh man…the post office site is freaking out on me too. What the hell? Why, why, why does this nonsense happen when I’m running a fever and dealing with a sick kid? Why? I mean, I’m a good person, I don’t kick stray animals or feed homeless people to the ducks…honestly.

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