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So, I got another call this morning from the Heritage Foundation. Again. You know, you’d think a think tank with that sort of money would be able to keep the pinko commies like myself off their racially pure Republican calling lists, wouldn’t you? Anyway, I always have fun with them when they call…by just being all Limbaugh about the place…today I told them that I thought women who had abortions should be sent to Gitmo, because they were treasonous whores who were depriving the US of the next fighting force…which we needed to defeat the terrorist eeeeeevil that surrounds us. What’s really scary, is that I could say something like that and have the telemarketer say; “Ok, well, I’m glad to see we’re on the same page…” Good Christ, moron…I was being sarcastic.

Which leads me to my next point. I don’t think I want the Dems to win this election. Putting aside the fact that I despise the Dem National Party as much as I despise the GOP National Party…here’s my logic:

If the Dems take control of Congress in 2006, it guarantees a Republican for Pres in 2008. Rove and the rest of the Evil EmpireTM, will be able to spin the last 6 years of disaster into being all the Dems fault if the Dems have a majority in Congress.

I want the Republicans to win, and I want them to drown in the filth they’ve created. I want there to be no mistake in 2 years…I want the Republicans to shoulder full responsibility for an illegal invasion, the destruction of civil liberties, the weakening of the Geneva Conventions, the deficit, the insane multi billion dollar fence with Mexico (cause that worked so well in Europe, no?), the destruction of the middle class, the destruction of public schools, a Medicare/Medicaid system that is fubar, thousands of wounded soldiers who can’t get assistance, hundreds of thousands of hungry Americans….I want them to embrace their policies and lick up the sick that they’ve created.

So, that’s my theory. The Dems can’t change anything in two years…because, they’re the Dems…and a more useless bunch of pantywaists has rarely been seen, but if they take control of Congress, they will end up shouldering the blame for everything the Bush regime has done wrong. (Rove is that good, yes he is. I’ve been watching him for a dozen years, and there is nobody better when it comes to working negative.)

I’m not willing to vote for a Republican, because it’s quite possible it would make me physically ill to try, but I’m not sure I’m going to be voting for any Democrats either.

I dunno, is that defeatist thinking, or rational thinking? I’ve always sort of had the Cassandra complex, in that I have a really good nose for sniffing out what’s coming down the pike…and I see another 8 years of Republican rule if the Dems win this minor upset.

What think y’all?

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