Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween! Especially now that the boy is old enough. We spent this week making pumpkins, both real and construction paper, making ghosts of tissue paper, trying to entice spiders to build more webs in the entryway. (Why use fake when you have perfectly good Orb spiders lying about? )

Today while he’s at school, I’m getting the table ready. I have a fabulous tablecloth from the 60’s that’s black and white spooky looking trees. I’m pinning our ghosts to it. I’ve tested the talking head inna ball, I’ve got my crystal ball, candles, brush with dry red paint (for people who want their palms read…hee), booquet of extra ghosts and a ginormous tub of candy and plastic creepy bugs.

The Boy is going as Buzz Lightyear…our obsession of the quarter, and I will be Esmerelda: Queen of the Gypsies, with my fortune telling and candy dispersal station. Yes, I realize using clothes you wear on a regular basis is sort of cheating…but hey, I’m adding a tiara on top of the head scarf. (But, it’s a fair cop that the shirt and skirt I’ll be wearing are things I wear pretty regularly anyway. I’ve always dressed like a hippy gypsy…just a black wearing one. I’ll be in color tonight! I’ll get pictures, for else, nobody would believe it.) ;) I’ve been working on the accent all morning. For I too can chew the scenery like Lon Chaney. Hee.

Oh…and the best part? I’m typing this on my new birthday present. My darling husband gives the grooviest early birthday presents of anyone. 17″ screen laptop. 1900 resolution. Yes, you Horde bastards, I’ll see you coming now, won’t I? Hee.

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