Monthly Archives: November 2006

Snow, Capes, and Things Calvin and Hobbs Cannot Stop

So, it’s snowing. That’s gonna make driving much good fun. I have just purchased the most amazing cape. I needed a winter coat, as the last time I bought one, the economy was fabulous, everyone had jobs, and a President was getting blown, instead of blowing things up. Tell me how much you love it! […]

Just call me the RainMaker…

So, we’ve been under drought conditions for a couple of years now. This year, our duck pond was down by almost 12 feet, just as an example. Massive water restrictions instituted in the entire area, except, of course, for the golf courses. (sigh). Point being…not a lot of humidity, as a rule. Until, naturally, I […]

On Vox: Soap Today

I hope everyone had a happy Turkey Day! Now that the triptophan has worn off, and my Mother assures me that all is well, despite her house catching on fire, it’s back to making soap. (And shipping a ton of… » Read more on Vox

When living far away really sucks

Oh man, my poor Mom! The pipes under her house sprung a leak, and before they realized that there was no water in the lines, she burned out the dishwasher and the hot water heater…then last night the hot water heater caught the house on fire. Thank gods, she was awake, because apparently, the battery […]

Your opinions, please?

So…I just found out that The Boy’s preschool has shown him at least one PG movie. (Monster House) This does not make me a happy camper. Monster House is targeted at a much older demographic than 3-4 year olds, and frankly…I’m not comfortable with the school assuming that they have parental rights when it comes […]