I think this is what they call a mandate

Wow. Swept the House, and possible control of the Senate. Go, you lefty terrorists, go!

On MetaFilter, I predicted that the race would come out:

Senate: 50 D, 48 R, 2 I
House: 225 D, 208 R, 2 I
Connecticut: Lamont 47%, Lieberman 43%, Schlesinger 10%

As of this moment in time, the Senate is: 49 Dem / 51 Rep…but 2 states VA and MT could change that. Those races are still being counted, and there’s going to be recounts in both states. Lieberman is a wildcard with his win, but I suspect he’ll continue to vote with the Republicans. Actually, I think the Theocrats may tap Leiberman to replace Rumsfeld, which could be interesting.

The House kicked more ass than I hoped, with the Dems picking up 27 seats so far, for 230D/205R, and one or two races still undecided. (All numbers via the NYT.)

If the Dems can pull off just one more seat in the Senate, then it’s enough to pack the committees, and force some legislation. Without that seat, Senate will be gridlocked for 2 more years because of Cheney’s tiebreaker vote. Either way, the House is in a great position to drive legislation.

Strap in boys, it’s going to be a bumpy ride for the next 24 months.

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