Soap Today

I spent part of this morning deep in a fragrance lab working with my fave chemist to create a new scent. I’ve been craving pomegranates lately…it being the season of Persephone and all…so I’ve created Forbidden Fruit. It smells of ripe, ripe pomegranates, crisp red apples and the teeniest hint of cinnamon. It’s exquisite. I’m so in love with it. And it’s mine….mine, all mine. I love having signature scents. :)

I’m making some test bars in glycerin today to send to a friend. Tomorrow I’m going to try it in traditional soap, and keep my fingers crossed. All spicy ingredients tend to do weird things in soap and require extra attention. But, if it doesn’t work in traditional, then I’ll do it in the frozen whipped method…for I WILL have pomegranate soap…oh yes, yes I will.

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