Soap today

Finished pouring the last of the dragon soaps. Still need to cut and shrink wrap them, but that big ol order is almost out of the studio. Yay! It took a lot less time than anticipated, and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out.

Note: LabColor emerald green is totally worth the money, but should probably not be diluted fully to get the deep colors in traditional soaps.

Also in production today: Bath Melts…an incredible concoction of cocoa butter, shae butter, steel cut fluffy oatmeal, some other goodies and chocolate oil. When dropped into a warm bath, they fizz and disperse the oils and the oatmeal. So yummy.

Now that I’ve found a reliable source for organic, fair trade cocoa butter and shae butter, I think I’ll probably be dropping the price on these to make them a little more accessible, so I’m buying more butters. (It’s so cool, I’ve found an African Women’s collective that gathers and processes the butters. They started the collective with one of the micro-loan businesses to which I contribute. Circle of Life and all that. Yay!)

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