Your opinions, please?

So…I just found out that The Boy’s preschool has shown him at least one PG movie. (Monster House) This does not make me a happy camper. Monster House is targeted at a much older demographic than 3-4 year olds, and frankly…I’m not comfortable with the school assuming that they have parental rights when it comes to media content. Even the producer of the film has said that it’s a “gateway horror film for the 13 year old set”, and most reviews have made it fairly clear that it’s not Little Kid movie, despite being animated. There are some ethical issues raised in the film that I think deserve discussion, and I feel as though the school has usurped my role as his ethics guidance point by showing a film with implications that weren’t discussed. I’m not really concerned about the language, but I am concerned with the implication of a grown man requesting a child to murder the spirit of his dead wife. I’m more than willing to admit that my take on this is extreme. But the fact that Constance is treated and referred to as a human entity, and children are asked to rid the world of her, really disturbs me.

Am I totally overreacting here? Because…my instinct is to raise holy hell about them showing PG movies to a preschool class. Especially one where the resolution is to kill the spirit of a tortured woman.

Talk me off the ledge if you think I’m being absurd. Tell me why you think I’m being a big ol over protective ninny.

Else, feel free to add fuel to the fire…because watching me go ballistic is always good fun. ;)

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