When living far away really sucks

Oh man, my poor Mom! The pipes under her house sprung a leak, and before they realized that there was no water in the lines, she burned out the dishwasher and the hot water heater…then last night the hot water heater caught the house on fire. Thank gods, she was awake, because apparently, the battery in the smoke detector was active enough to keep the light on, but not active enough to actually sound a beep.

The fire department got there before there was a huge amount of damage, but as anyone who has ever been near a house fire knows…the smell is awful, and the plumbers are just now getting the pipes fixed so she can have water. (I mean, she has friends in the neighborhood, she’s lived there all her life…so it’s not like the parental units are wandering around all smoke covered and refugee-like…but still.)

I really wish I lived closer. Well, no I don’t…I hated Florida…but I wish I was close enough to go help with cleanup.

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