Snow, Capes, and Things Calvin and Hobbs Cannot Stop

So, it’s snowing. That’s gonna make driving much good fun.

I have just purchased the most amazing cape. I needed a winter coat, as the last time I bought one, the economy was fabulous, everyone had jobs, and a President was getting blown, instead of blowing things up. Tell me how much you love it! (In black, with black satin lining…yum!)

The BathBombs have taken on a life of their own. At this point, I’ve tried holding them down with Harlan Ellison’s complete works, (In The Name of All SciFi, I rebuke YOU Evil BathBomb”), but the BathBombs…they were not so easily cowed. I currently have the Complete Calvin and Hobbs sitting on the molds. Still, the BathBombs pushed onward and upward. Yes, I’ll remake these batches for the 5th time in 3 days…but for now, I think I may have to call MIT, for I believe I have discovered cold fusion.

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