Monthly Archives: December 2006

What was I thinking?

May I just say that making hand rolled truffles is a lot harder than it looks on TV. I think, I’m going to give up on truffles for the gift baskets. Perhaps some chocolate bark, instead.

Look who’s hit the Big Time!

Y’all have heard me babble about my friend OakenKing who does all the amazing craft stuff…well, look who’s made the Big Time. Yes, and I can say I knew him when his silk worms were only pupae.

Ho, fucking, ho.

Jebus inna barn, I hate Christmas with the sort of burning passion I usually save for exes and Mary Kay saleswomen. But I especially hate it when during my busiest time of year, I discover that Dear Husband hasn’t done any shopping for his giant freaking tribe of a family, and I have less than […]

Happy Hanukkah

Hanukkah started last night at sundown.  Visit here, if you would like to hear the Candle Lighting Blessings.  Go here if you would like to play a nice game of virtual dreidel. 

Two great men gone. I am saddened.

Peter Boyle died. This makes me sad, just because of all the good memories I have associated with his work. Has there ever been a better Frankenstein’s monster? Fire Bad indeed, Mr. Boyle. Fire bad indeed. It’s a good thing that even if one believes in a fiery afterlife, there is no way that Mr. […]