Happy Bday Boy!

Today is Boy’s 4th birthday. We’ve been making Mommy’s Lebanese Ghiradelli cookies for his school (possibly the best cookies of all time), and I’m baking him a strawberry cake with fudge icing, a loaf of Hawaiian bread, and prepping for Swedish meatballs tonight. We let him open a present before Man went to work, and he picked the EZBake oven, so of course, we had to make an ezbake cake this morning before anything else could be made. Hee. He loves to cook, and had been asking for an EZB since he saw a commercial for one. Yes, I know they’re designed for older kids, but I figure since he’s going to be doing it only if I’m standing right there, it should be fine. I wish they came in another color than pink though. Not because I’m weird about giving Boy pink stuff…but because I despise the color pink. ;) Thus far today he’s decided that on his birthday, he doesn’t have to wear clothes except for his Buzz Lightyear suit, and thus is now a “Chef in Spaaaaaaace”, which made me fall over from laughter.

Somehow I have to fit in time to make a bunch of custom glycerin soaps and spritzers. I was hoping to do it at naptime…but methinks that eating small frosted cake for a morning snack may preclude an afternoon snooze. Speaking of naps, a question for the parents out there; At what age did you stop trying to make them take a nap? Boy doesn’t really nap anymore. He’ll go have “quiet time” for an hour, but he almost never actually sleeps. I’m guessing that perhaps he’s just outgrown naptime. This would make me a sad panda…as I get much done during naptime. :)

So, back to party prep, soap making, and putting presents on progressively higher shelves as Boy has figured out stepladders. ;)

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