The proletariat, you see….

We’re off to see the artwork, the wonderful artwork of Gogh. Van Gogh that is. Wheat fields and flying crows. I love, love, love Van Gogh. I once flew to Amsterdam just to see a collection that wasn’t going to tour the US. This tour is the biggest collection in the last 40 years of North American Van Gogh exhibits. I’ve probably seen most of them…but it’s oh so worth it to see them all again.

Just got back. It was fabulous, but even more fabulous than the Van Gogh’s that were shown were the accompanying artists that were working on the same themes of wheat, harvest, peasants, the idealization of labor, etc. It was amazing. If you’re in the Dallas area, this exhibit is really worth navigating the nightmare that is downtown Dallas traffic.

While in the museum, I met the most wonderful little old ladies that had some of the greatest stories. I adore little old ladies. Especially feisty ones like this set. They were fabulous.

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