Silly Cthulhu

When Boy was born, one of the gifts he received from his Unca Jim was a stuffed Cthulhu. He loves his Cthulhu. So, we’re playing in his toy area, and I had Cthulhu, and of course, being Cthulhu, he started going about the grim task of consuming all that surrounded him…with the accompanying slavering noises, naturally. I mean, it’s not like he’s going to be a quiet end of all life, is he?

Boy giggled and reached for his wooden food set and set about cutting off two pieces of bread and tomato and building a little wooden sandwich and he said “Silly Cthulhu, you’re just cranky because you need a snack!”


Lo, though the generations have wondered how to tame the Elder Gods, a small child shall lead us. Apparently, all they needed was a little nosh. ;)

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