Two great men gone. I am saddened.

Peter Boyle died. This makes me sad, just because of all the good memories I have associated with his work. Has there ever been a better Frankenstein’s monster? Fire Bad indeed, Mr. Boyle. Fire bad indeed. It’s a good thing that even if one believes in a fiery afterlife, there is no way that Mr. Boyle would qualify for a tour.

I also just found out that Martin Nodell died this weekend. I loved Marty. He was such an amazingly kind and wonderful man, and I am blessed to have known him. His wife, who died in 2004, was also such a treasure and joy. The first time I met him was in the early 90’s when I started publishing comics and we had adjoining tables. Such a joy he was to talk to. And, he knew every place withing 5 miles of every convention center that made a decent corned beef sandwich. I ran into him pretty consistently at most of the shows I attended around the country. Once obscenity charges got my book banned from the only comics distribution channel, (it was such a small penis for such a big fuss…), and the comics company went toes up, I didn’t see him very much. I guess I hadn’t even thought about him in the last few years, as I’ve put the comics scene behind me for the most part, but it sure made me sad to realize I’ll never get a chance to hear that thick accent shout my name over the heads of sweaty con geeks ever again. Good night, sweet artist…may your lantern lead you through to a happier place.

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