woof, finally finished counting

Man, that took longer than expected. Counting remaining product was a breeze, and counting packaging was really simple, but counting the essential oils…wow, that was harder than expected. I finally had to calculate the weight of the bottles they were in, and weigh each one to get an accurate measure of what I had. (With the exception of still sealed 5kg bottles…that was pretty easy. Anyone need some orange oil? I’ve got tons.)

Found a couple of cases where I thought I was out of something, so I ordered significant quantities, based on thinking that I used twice as much as I did, only to find the original bottle when I got to the back of the EO cabinets. But it’s all good, I think I may just plan on having some spring sales.

So, inventory done. Things that I’m running low on have been ordered. Soap batch lists have been prioritized, and after I go pick up more essential oils at the warehouse tomorrow, soapmaking will begin anew. I’ve not made soap in almost a month…I’m jonesing to get back to my pots. ;)

So tomorrow I think I’ll be making Sandalwood Vanilla with the new sandalwood I’m picking up. Gods I hope it’s good. I thought I was going to have to eliminate sandalwood from my recipes, because the harvesting methods and the industry around creating it are horrific in India. But I’ve found an Australian supplier that does renewable growing and harvesting methods, so I’m pretty excited to try it. Real sandalwood is so much better than any synthetic I’ve tested…I just hope the Australian sandalwood is as good.

I was going to get super ambitious and try to get two or three batches done tomorrow, but I think I’ll take my time and get back into the swing first. Also, I have no idea how long it will take me to get out of the warehouse, and I have to fit the batch in between when I get back from there, and before I have to go get Boy.

In other news, I’m still trying to come up with a redesign for Soapy Hollow. I am, apparently, inspiration-less. I got nada, nothing, bupkiss. I do know that I’m going to rewrite all the text. It’s silly for me to memetically load the site to appear as though it’s a big ol’ business, when in fact, it’s an artisan shop that creates whatever I feel like creating at the time. I mean, obviously, I’m not going to sell off the big molds and quit taking business to business orders, but I also need to stop trying to compete with companies that have a much bigger budget and purchasing power than I do. I can’t compete on price with the Walmarts of the soap business, like Aveda….which used to be such a great company before they got bought out…so I’m just not going to try for that business level any more. I’m happier dealing with individuals, and trying to make a product that means something to them, than I am creating thousands of bars for companies that rebrand what I do and sell it for three times what I sell them for. It’s silly for me to work that hard for pennies, so I’m not going to do it anymore.

But now, I’m off to catch up with everyone’s journal, if I can. Be sure to ping me if there’s something you want me to know, and you think I might miss it. :)

Hugs to everyone!

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