Does anything suck more than reinstalling windows?

Does it? Well, yes…lots of things in real life suck more than reinstalling windows. But damn, as far as computer issues go…formating and reinstalling Windows is the absolute suck. And if you own other MS products, like Office…oh dear lord.

That said, I think I finally have have my system back up. I think the networks are bridged, working, and I can now get wireless anywhere in the house. I still don’t have the printer working…but that can wait until tomorrow. Now I just have to reinstall everything I spent a month installing. So, yay.

All of this because of bluetooth Motorola headset and something that installed with a Nullsoft installer.

I’m so pissed off at Motorola I can barely see. What the hell? An installation that totally wipes out your existing bluetooth drivers, buries itself so deep in the registry that finding all of it is damn near impossible, and cannot be uninstalled? Bite me Moto. Bite me.

And if anyone starts noticing blank popunder windows that just say NSIS on them, you’ve been hit with a Nullsoft worm. How a worm got into a Nullsoft installer is still up for debate, but a few applications have it. It is not at all easy to get rid of, but it is possible. If you find yourself with that worm, drop me a line, and I’ll outline what I did.

On the upside, I’ve quit smoking. So, Yay! As of today, I’m a non-smoker. I think the absurdity of having to sneak outside in the winter to grab a quick fag finally sunk in. I mean, if I’m going to grab a fag, I want some help decorating, that’s what I’m saying.

I was supposed to have a dinner party tonight, but the weather intervened, and so I have much lasagna, homemade bread, triple chocolate brownies, and bruccetta salad. Fortunately, these are all comfort foods as far as I’m concerned, so Yay again. :) I mean, much suck that I didn’t get to see some long-lost friends, but as good as my lasagna is, it’s not worth dying for, so I’d prefer that they stay safe rather than braving a two hour drive in the sleet. Anyone who has ever driven in Dallas/metroplex knows that ice+idiots=trouble. (Dallas has the worst drivers of anywhere I’ve ever been…and I’ve been in Rome…just saying.)

So, the better part of a bottle of wine has made me bubbly and happy. Gonna go watch Dane Cook on Tivo. Life is good. Windows sucks, but life is good.

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