Evil Chocolate….evil!

May I just say that dieting and being on one of the world’s premiere chocolate makers mailing list may not be compatible. This stuff is so good that just looking at the pictures may cause weight gain. And now, it comes wrapped in pinup girls? Oh dear lord, I’m lost…lost I tell you. ;) (We all know how I love a good Vargas.)

Speaking of chocolate, if you are in the Dallas area, there’s a chocolate guy here that is just amazing. J. Dorian is a veritable god with the chocolate. Man brings me a box for my birthday every year. Total bliss, I swear to you. Total bliss.

Boy and I are iced in. We’ve been playing with the “snow”, which is really just teeny little ice pellets…but he and the dog are having a blast. Me, I love winter as a concept. I love when everything is all white and pretty. However, the Dallas Metroplex freaks out like it’s the end of the world if we get so much as a quarter of an inch of ice. Seriously! There have been over 400 accidents in 2 days. I heard this morning that there’ve been close to 60 fatalities. Crazy! I’m pretty sure that if everyone would just slow the hell down, and maybe spend a couple of days not being aggressive pricks in your hummers of death, then maybe, just maybe, we could all get through the tragedy that is an inch of cold precipitation.

Meanwhile, there are cities where the snow is taller than I am, and the mail still gets delivered, people make it into their offices, and every school and doctor’s office is not shut down.

Dallas, the land of Whine and Crackers. I swear.

Alright, I’m off to go play in the ice some more. Because, I have a small child and a large dog. And apparently they like being cold and wet. Weirdos. ;)

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