Back in the saddle again…

Whoo, I have a information architecture/tech writing gig. Yay! Plus, I get to do it from my home office, deliverables due via email, so I don’t even have to buy panty hose. Hooray! I wouldn’t want to go back to an office anytime soon, but it’s been a while since I’ve done any standards compliant info structure, so I’m thrilled that I’m getting some practice. And a little side money is nice. I can use it to fund the new Soapy Hollow site. I’ve decided to pay someone to do the database integration and hookup. Yes, I could learn a new language and do it myself, but ya know…I’d rather be doing almost anything else.

So, getting paid to do some writing comes at exactly the right time. Yay! Hail Eris. Praise Bob. (Praying to Bob, sir!)

The new Soapy Hollow site, when finished, should be the shiznit. The design looks great. It’s leafy. With a ladybug. And a bee. Photos thereof, not cute country cartoony clip art, but I’ve got a great shot of a bee pollinating a lavender field, and a lady bug on a chamomile, and rain drops on leaves, it’s really, really pretty. Very little art, mostly white space, and the database backend will drive the content and product pictures. And, finally, I’ll be able to offer multiple shipping methods, I can get more accurate shipping costs because I can assign a weight to each item, all in all, once it rolls out…if it works like I think it will, it should be outstanding.

Of course, I need to get this documentation done for a client, so I can afford to pay the nice database people. ;) So, yay synchronicity!

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