Back in 93-94, I was involved with an artist. While he didn’t have much common sense, or a terribly well developed sense of right and wrong, he did have an astounding amount of natural talent. We were invited to take part in a Dallas art project to paint a large mural in the Good Latimer Bridge entry way to Deep Ellum. There were hundreds of artists crawling all over the bridge and overpass, painting whatever struck their fancy. It was, for Dallas, an amazing event, with truly brilliant artists donating time and materials to bring a little soul to the heart of an evil old whore of a city.

Yesterday, Dallas destroyed the tunnel, and is paving over all of it. Here’s a youtube retrospective of some of the art. (I dunno what’s up with the music choice…I would have chosen the Toadies…more of an early 90’s Dallas vibe, really.)

So now, one of Dallas’s greatest landmarks is gone. Fortunately, plenty of people have documented the beautiful art that is no longer.

It’s only fitting that the gateway to the “arts district” be paved over. It’s the only story Dallas has to tell, really.

Dallas has no concept of history. Dallas is as bright and shiny as newly minted money. It’s what she does. Like a voracious vampiric harridan, she sucks up what passes for lifeblood, and reincarnates herself to lure the next set of victims into her lair. Bless her heart, she’s an evil old whore who has just paved over her heart of gold.

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