Monthly Archives: February 2007

Invasion of the Cephalopods

So, my downstairs is floored with very slick wood. Thus, given my tendency to trip over shadows, my crutches have large silicon grippy things on the bottom. Also, the crutches are sort of creaky. Thus, my perambulations about the house sound like a large, arthritic cephalopod has broken free of the briny deep and is […]

Surgery and recovery

So, I went in for surgery last Friday. It’s a whole lot more painful than I bargained for, and the recovery time is going to take forever. Additionally, it turns out that I’m allergic to high doses of cefadroxil-type antibiotics, so I’ve spent 4 days not able to breathe…that’s been fun. Actually, they don’t know […]

I want my mommy!

Oh my gods, I had no idea anything could hurt as much as this does. And crutches…may I point out that crutches are dangerous, especially when wielded by a klutz with limited sense of balance? I want my mommy.

So then the babysitter spent the night….

Greatest Valentine’s Day evah. My dear friend brought her daughter over to play with Boy and watch them while Man and I got to have a date. I’d forgotten how much I love dates. Especially with Man. Yesterday, on his lunch hour, he went out and bought a new suit, because he knew I wanted […]

Preop Jitters

So, I had my preop visit today. Surgery scheduled for the crack of dawn on Friday. I wasn’t too terribly nervous about it until they handed me the sheaf of paper to sign with all the possible complications, and then when I asked the doctor about how long recovery was going to take and he […]