Damn it, why couldn’t it have been Cheney?

The Queen of political writers has passed away.  This makes me sad.  For one, it follows so closely the death of Ann Richards, that I have to wonder if Molly just missed Ann too much.  They were shining examples of “real” Texas women are.  Bold, brassy, brilliant, outspoken and true.  They were my idols, I just adored them. 

I first met Molly back, I think in the 80’s, when I was a student, taking a journalism class where she
was a guest lecturer. After I started working as a writer, I ran into
her off and on, as Austin was a pretty incestuous little town, really. She was the best educated, best read, most well spoken woman I may have ever known.  She was charismatic and wickedly charming.

She always remembered my name, and never failed to ask after my
“mom-an-‘em”. During my divorce, when I decided to leave Austin, I ran
into her. Someone had told her that I was shutting down my publishing
company, and heading off to the bright lights of a bigger city. She sat
down next to me and told me “Running from something…well, that ain’t
what we do. But running *to* something, well hell girl, saddle up them
ponies and do us proud. Always run *to*, never run *away*. “

It’s advice that has stood me well for almost fifteen years.

I will miss her. Flibbety Boo, Molly. Flibbety Boo.

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