So then the babysitter spent the night….

Greatest Valentine’s Day evah. My dear friend brought her daughter over to play with Boy and watch them while Man and I got to have a date. I’d forgotten how much I love dates. Especially with Man.

Yesterday, on his lunch hour, he went out and bought a new suit, because he knew I wanted to dress up. And he came home with the perfect valentine’s presents: books. Lots and lots of books. I do lurve me some words. And a new Terry Pratchett book was in the pile. I actually squealed out loud when I saw it. Squeeeeee! And it’s a Wee Free Men/Tiffany story! Double Squeeeee!

We had reservations at Chamberlain’s. The place was crazy packed, but we had a late reservation, so it cleared out while we were seated. We ordered the roasted Kobe steak with wild mushrooms, and it may very well be the best thing I have ever tasted in my life. It was amazing. I tried to get the chef to get in the truck when we left, but ya know, they have knives, so it’s hard to make them do anything, really. ;)

Plus, we were seated so that we had a view of the complicated ballet of servers, busboys and patrons all making their way across a rather complicated 6 spoke intersection. It was amazing. It was so smooth and flawless it looked like a choreographed dance routine, with busboys bobbing underneath trays, servers raising and lowering trays to avoid one another, and managers fluttering around after patrons.

We had the most amazing bottle of 10 year old French wine. I’ve got the vintage written down and am going to try and find a case of it somewhere, it was so good.

The food was perfect, the service was stellar, the company was magnificent. It was an incredibly fabulous evening.

When we got home, B. had managed to actually get both kids clean, teeth brushed, pjed, and they were fast asleep. But poor B looked exhausted. So rather than waking up her daughter and sending them both home in the freezing snow, I got her some pillows and a comforter, and she curled up on the couch to watch CSI while Man and I retired. (But it sounds so much more salacious to say the babysitter spent the night, doesn’t it? Hee.)

At about 4am, the kids decided to wake up and jump off the furniture, but B quickly put an end to that and sent them back to bed. I wish I could afford a live-in nanny…she’d be the best.

This morning, I got everyone coffeed, fed, and out the door to their respective schools and jobs, and am just sitting here basking the memories of such a wonderful day/eve/night.

My husband rocks. My friends rock. I love the world. :)

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